Mar 01, 2023
LUNCH: Jamaal Hankey, VIEW Coordinator
Update on VIEW Plans and Potential Collaboration

Essex Rotary has collaborated with VIEW to promote community acceptance and diversity, most recently through a gathering at Maple Street Park where music, conversation and food from ethic food trucks brought people together.  

Jamaal Hankey will share VIEW's plans and suggest collaboration.  He will be joined by Liz Subin, a VIEW Board member who recently presented the work of her Pennywise Foundation.   Due to conflict, Liz will not be able to join Jamaal.

VIEW (Voices for Inclusion in Essex & Westford) was born from a recommendation of Voices for Education, a collaboration between the community and the Essex Westford School District. We are a group of diverse community members working to create events and educational opportunities to promote equity and inclusion in our community. Our goal is to strengthen our community by looking at it through the various lenses of the people of our community.


VIEW WEBSITE (Under construction)